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Getting started with Playscript – compiling your first Monotouch-Actionscript hybrid app

“PlayScript is an open source Adobe ActionScript compatible compiler and Flash compatible runtime that runs in the Mono .NET environment, targeting mobile devices through the Xamarin Studio MonoTouch and Mono for Android platforms” says the first sentence of its readme on GitHub. I have written this tutorial for those who want to quickly start playing with Playscript.

We will create simple iOS app In Xamarin Studio. This app will use native control (UIButton) and Actionscript 3 class which will supply button’s label. This tutorial targets developing with Monotouch. This means that you need corresponding license to compile the app on real device. It’s worth to note that all steps in this article is based on current versions of available binaries and source code (it’s 14 Apr 2013 today). And some of them may not be required in the future.

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